From sample collection to RNA analysis

Are you interested in sample collection, RNA isolation and RNA analysis? Here you’ll find a complete workflow for your RNA experiment that works for SARS-CoV-2, but also for all other RNA samples.

Protect your RNA and DNA from degradation during sample transport and storage

– Preserve DNA for 2 years and RNA for 2 months at ambient temperature
– Compatible with common DNA and RNA purification methods and automation
– Easy-to-use

Tubes for Collection, Storage & Transport of Saliva. Available sizes & pricing click here.
Swab-based Collection System (nasal, saliva, fecal, surfaces, etc.). Available sizes & pricing click here.

Isolate RNA with superior quality and quantity

– Isolate total RNA including viral and bacterial RNA
– Isolate all sizes of RNA including small RNA without bias towards size or GC-richness
– Suitable for a wide variety of specimens
– Column and 96-well formats available

Total RNA purification kits, Stool total RNA Purification kits and Urine total RNA purification kits. Available sizes and pricing click here.

Analyze your isolated RNA precisely

2X TaqMan PCR Master Mix & 2X TaqMan RT-PCR Master Mix
– Highly sensitive, with pre-mixed internal PCR control (HEX/VIC)
Available sizes and pricing click here (PCR Master Mix) and here (RT-PCR Master Mix).

2X One-Step RT-PCR Master Mix
– Ready-to-use solution, high sensitivity and yield, robust amplification
– Compatible with any real-time PCR system
Available sizes and pricing click here.

2019-nCoV TaqMan RT-PCR Kit
– Ready-to-use: contains everything required for detection of SARS-CoV-2
Available sizes and pricing click here.

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