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Nordic BioSite

Propellervägen 4A
183 62 Täby
  • Denmark

    Nordic BioSite ApS
    CVR: 30711572
    Landgreven 3, st. th
    1301 København K
  • Norway

    Nordic BioSite AS
    Postboks 8007
    4675 Kristiansand
  • Finland

    Nordic BioSite Oy
    Hermiankatu 3
    33720 Tampere
  • USA

    Nordic BioSite Inc
    987 Old Eagle School Road STE 709
    Wayne, PA 19087
  • Russia

    Nordic BioSite Rus LLC
    Khoroshevskoe Shosse 32A
    125284 Moscow

People of Nordic Biosite

Yvonne Zar

Founder/Business Advisor

Roger Festin – PhD

Product Manager - Immunology
Stockholm & Northern Sweden

Joacim Nilsson

Senior Product Specialist
Stockholm & Southern Sweden

Sara Borniquel – PhD

Product Specialist - Molecular Biology
Stockholm & Northern Sweden

Ulla Helt Laursen – PhD, MSc

Product Specialist - Area Manager

Simon Briks – MSc

Key Account Manager

Louise Midtgaard – MSc

Product Specialist - Immunology

Johanna Gottschamel – PhD

Sales Area Manager - Norway
On Maternity Leave

Uniza Wahid Khan – PhD

Sales Representative

Heikki Rasilainen – MSc

Area Manager
Finland & The Baltic States

Anni Laari – MSc

Sales representative - Molecular Biology

Nikolay Egorov

General Director

Christian Rutemark – PhD, MSc

Operations Manager

Gang Liu – PhD

Technical Support - Group Leader

Magdalena Kodura – MSc

Technical Support

Zeynep Sener – PhD

Technical Support
On Maternity Leave

Veronica Öhrn

Marketing Manager

Petra Hansson

Marketing Supervisor

Helena Tellskog

Social Media & Content Coordinator
On Maternity Leave

Hanna Nilsson

Social Media & Content Coordinator

Patricia Mansner

Backend & Content Administrator
On Leave

Clara Isley

Database Administrator

Katarina Söderberg

Financial Manager

Jimmy Kjellin

Customer Support Coordinator

Tomoki Ragert

Customer Support & Logistics

Marcus Löfgren

Customer Support

Patrik Anelli

Logistics Coordinator

Amanda Thorzell

Logistics Assistant