Find the Right Mass Cytometry Control with Veri-Cells™

news February 10 2020

Try Biolegend’s newest lyophilized control cells for use in mass cytometry, Veri-Cells™ Heavy Metal (Ta) PBMCs. These are stabilized human PBMCs which have been labelled with the heavy metal tantalum. When mixed with sample cells, they can be separated from the cells of interest using the tantalum signal. They have been verified to stain for commonly tested surface markers including CD3, CD4, CD8, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD38, CD123, and HLA-DR.

See how they can be used to normalize signal in a mass cytometry experiment to determine whether changes in expression of a marker are due to technical variations or true differences between donors.

Veri-Cells™ Heavy Metal (Ta) PBMCs were mixed with whole blood from different donors. Mixed samples were stained with an anti-CD14 antibody and run on a CyTOF® instrument. Median intensity of CD14 signal was measured for the blood sample alone (top row) and normalized to the median intensity of CD14 signal on Veri-Cells™ in each sample (bottom row). Normalized median values are indicated. Data provided by Adeeb Rahman, PhD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai.

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Maxpar Ready Antibodies

Simplify your mass cytometry workflow with our Maxpar® Ready purified antibodies. These antibodies are optimized for use with Maxpar® metal labelling kits from Fluidigm.
Why choose Maxpar® Ready antibodies?

  • No buffer exchange required, ready-to-use.
  • High concentration (1.0 mg/ml) optimal for conjugation.
  • No additional proteins in the buffer.
  • Ultra-low protein binding tubes guarantees accuracy of antibody amount.