The World’s First Microbiome Day Is Here!

blog / News June 27 2018

Today is the first World Microbiome Day, a day aimed to highlight the vibrant and diverse worlds of microbiomes, and to stimulate public engagement and debate about their importance to human, animal and environmental health.

Not a week goes by without reports of new discoveries about what our microbiomes are up to, how they promote our oral and bodily health, influence disease, and affect our mood and behavior. Therefore, we at Nordic BioSite think it is very fitting that the theme for the 1st World Microbiome Day is ‘Mind our microbes’. This theme is an attempt to remind us thatlooking after the “good” microbes may actually be more important than destroying the so-called “bad” microbes, given that microbes have often been seen in a negative light because of their roles in food spoilage, infectious disease, and contamination, to name a few.

World Microbiome Day has been developed by APC Microbiome Ireland, at University College Cork, Ireland. It is hoped that this will be the first of many World Microbiome Days, and microbiome researchers from all corners of the world are encouraged to join in and spread the word about the importance of microbiomes!

Check out the official World Microbiome Day website here!

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