Our number one asset is our people. All members of our sales force have experience in laboratory work, with educational backgrounds ranging from Master of Science to Ph.D. This gives them a unique understanding for our clients’ needs and the ability to offer qualified, relevant help. Information and knowledge is commonly shared within the company and helps quality and improvement. We find the product that is right for your research - at the best possible price.

Under the hashtag #byyourside, we will now be presenting our team for you to get a chance to get to know us even better.

Meet Magdalena - Part of our Tech Support Team

Magdalena Kodura joined Nordic Biosite as Technical Support in December 2016. Magdalena holds two MSc degrees: in Molecular Biotechnology (KTH, Stockholm, 2012) and Medical Physics (AGH, Krakow, 2003). Both of her MSc projects were performed at KI in Stockholm. Having been interested in cancer research, Magdalena worked with personalized optimization of radiotherapy and combinatorial impact of parallel treatments on breast cancer cells. Her results were presented during Personalized Cancer Care Symposium in Oslo in 2012. In 2015 Magdalena published a review, "Breast Carcinoma Metastasis Suppressor 1 (BRMS1): an update on the role of this protein in the suppression of cancer metastasis", in Cancer and Metastasis Reviews Journal. Following the publication, Magdalena was a speaker at the World Congress of Cancer Therapy in Philadelphia in 2016. She is a positive, solution oriented person, finding inspiration in her work, new challenges and people she meets.