BioSite Histo - Reagents for IHC process in your laboratory

The collection of BioSite Histo products is a set of reagents that are essential in the process of immunohistochemistry. Reagents are tested in routine laboratory work and used in developing process of antibodies. Therefore, they are aimed to be user-friendly and easy in everyday use. The collection consist all reagents needed in demanding IHC process. Various bottle sizes are available.

- Antibody diluent includes background reducing agents and ingredients that help stabilize the properties of antibodies after diluting. Green color is practical when making dilutions or pipetting antibodies into slides.
- Anti-mouse and anti-rabbit HRP-polymers are ready-to-use, no diluting required. They have excellent sensitivity and signal to noise ratio.
- Anti mouse/rabbit/rat HRP-polymer is a multi-functional detection reagent that can be used with most primary antibodies.     
- Double stain polymer kit consist of anti-rabbit AP-polymer (RTU) and anti-mouse HRP-polymer (50X) and it is a great detection kit for chromogenic double or even triple staining. It offers excellent sensitivity and signal to noise ratio.

BioSite Histo Chromogens offer three excellent choices. They are not soluble in alcohol, which means that they can go through normal dehydration and clearing steps as well as xylene based mounting.

- High-contrast DAB for HRP based detection. Strong contrast and easy to use. Generous package sizes.
- Permanent Red is an excellent fluorescent chromogen that gives strong, red label. It is especially good choice for melanoma diagnostic.
- Permanent Green is for HRP based detection and it is great choice for multiple chromogenic staining.

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