20% discount on New Products from Hycult

Starting from September 19th onwards, we will offer a 20% discount on all new products from Hycult Biotech that are
found in the “New products 2017” leaflet.
The reference code that can be used is HB20NEW17

Hycult Biotech focus on innate immunity means that they pay special attention to products relating to antimicrobial peptides, complement, acute phase proteins, LPS and microbial toxins. 
Hycult Biotech further has a specific interest in inflammation and cell - and tissue damage.

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Please note the following conditions:
- Discount codes must be quoted on purchases, discount cannot be applied retrospectively. No code is no discount.
- Discount is only applicable for standard catalog items. Bulk products and custom items are excluded from this promotion.
- The promotion runs from the 19th of September up until the 31st of December.
- Nordic BioSite has the right to withdraw the promotion for whatever reason. In case of doubt, the decision to provide a discount is always at the discretion of Nordic BioSite.