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Cancer Research                                                                                       citation-support KOKD-validated


PD-L1 antibody (GTX104763)

PD-L1 antibody

CD44 antibody (GTX102111)

CD44 antibody

HMGB1 antibody (GTX101277)

HMGB1 antibody

p53 antibody (GTX70214)

p53 antibody


Neuroscience Research 


Glutamine synthetase antibody (GTX109121)

Glutamine synthetase
antibody (GTX109121)KOKDCitation

SOX2 antibody [N1C3] (GTX101507)

SOX2 antibody [N1C3]

Vimentin antibody (GTX112661)

Vimentin antibody

Huntingtin antibody (GTX132433)

Huntingtin antibody


Signaling Transduction


mTOR antibody (GTX101557)

mTOR antibody

NFkB p65 antibody (GTX102090)

NFkB p65 antibody

ERK2 antibody [N2C3] (GTX113094)

ERK2 antibody [N2C3]

PI3-Kinase p150 antibody (GTX132466)

PI3-Kinase p150 antibody


Metabolism Research 


PKM antibody (GTX107977)

PKM antibody

Citrate synthetase antibody [GT1761] (GTX628143)

Citrate synthetase antibody
[GT1761] (GTX628143)KOKD

ENO1 antibody [N3C3] (GTX101803)

ENO1 antibody [N3C3]

SDHA antibody [GT20710] (GTX632636)

SDHA antibody [GT20710]


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- Promotion time: From 1st January to 31st March 2018.
- Promotion code: Free25
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- The free vial would be the SAME catalog number as the purchased one.