EasyBlot Sampler Kit for only €20 - also 20% on all EasyBlot products!


Get your first EasyBlot® kit for only €20

GeneTex now offers all new customers their EasyBlot® Sampler Kit GTX300111 for only 20 Euros. It includes:


Cat. No. Product Name Package
GTX221666-01 EasyBlot® anti-Rabbit IgG (HRP) 10 μl
GTX221667-01 EasyBlot® anti-Mouse IgG (HRP) 10 μl
GTX425858 EasyBlocker 2 g

There's a limited quantity of 100 kits. Each customer can only purchase 1 kit.


20% off on all EasyBlot® products

GeneTex also offers 20% off on all EasyBlot products, for both new and existing customers. Use the promotion code EASYBLOT20. View the products below:


Eliminate  Cat. No. Product Name Package
Masking bands by denatured IgG GTX221666-01 EasyBlot® anti-Rabbit IgG (HRP) 50 μl / 250 μl
GTX221667-01 EasyBlot® anti-Mouse IgG (HRP)
GTX628474-01  EasyBlot® anti-Rat IgG (HRP)
GTX628547-01 EasyBlot® anti-Goat IgG (HRP)
GTX628906-01 EasyBlot® anti-Sheep IgG (HRP)
Masking bands by denatured IgG

Background from protein A/G
GTX225856-01 EasyBlot® anti-Rabbit IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker)
GTX225857-01 EasyBlot® anti-Mouse IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) 
GTX228909-01 EasyBlot® anti-Rat IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker)
GTX228910-01 EasyBlot® anti-Goat IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker)
GTX228911-01 EasyBlot® anti-Sheep IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker)
Background from protein A/G GTX425858 EasyBlocker 12 g / 62 g


Terms & Conditions


◼ Promotion code EASYBLOT20 must be included in order to redeem offer

◼ Valid from January 1st to March 31st 2019

◼ Cannot be combined with other discounts

◼ GeneTex reserves the right of interpretation