50% Discount - Epitope Tag Abs, Sampler Kits

Epitope Tag Abs

✔ Quality-tested antibodies against 20 different epitope tags available, including FLAG®, HA, His, c-myc, mCherry and more.

✔ Antibodies available in unconjugated format, or conjugated to beads, fluorophores, HRP, and biotin.

✔ Suitable for WB, Flow Cytometry, Immunoprecipitation, Protein Purification, and Microscopy.

✔ Extremely specific, highly sensitive, and stable activity.

✔ Choose from 11 antibody-bead conjugated affinity gels/matrices for purification.


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Just quote the promotional code 50% epitope tag to claim your offer. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offert. Smallest available sizes only. Discount is valid until between April 3rd  - May 31st, 2018. Nordic BioSite has the right to withdraw the promotion for whatever reason. In case of doubt, the decision to provide a discount is always at the discretion of Nordic BioSite.