New calcium indicator series, Calbryte™

Calbryte™ series now available!


The Calbryte™ series is a family of fluorescent dyes developed to monitor intracellular calcium. It includes three novel calcium indictors: Calbryte™ 520Calbryte™ 590 and Calbryte™ 630. These indicators differ primarily in their excitation and emission wavelengths and can be detected using standard fluorescence instruments. The Calbryte™ series has been optimized for use with fluorescence microscopes, fluorescence microplate readers and flow cytometers. They can also be used in high-throughput screening applications.


The Calbryte™ dyes have several key advantages over dyes like Fluo-3 and Fluo-4. Calbryte™ dyes generate much brighter signals, show significantly improved signal-to-background ratio and have greatly enhanced cellular retention. These qualities make the Calbryte™ series a superior choice over older, more traditional calcium indicators.


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