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Name Art no Species Reactivity Application Format Size Price
ABO-trol® forte II bedsidetest 01.900-50.14 1 ml/vial Login
ABO-trol® forte plus bedsidetest 01.901-30.14 1 ml/vial Login
Bromelin-control Control solution, incomplete 05.087-10.14 10 ml/vial Login
Control-solution for testing of reagents 05.147-10.14 10 ml/vial Login
ImuStab-1 Stabilizer solution for erythrocytes 05.203-1k.14 1000 ml/vial Login
ImuStab-2 Stabilizer solution for erythrocytes 05.204-1k.14 1000 ml/vial Login
ImuWash-1 Washing solution for frozen erythrocytes 05.206-01.14 100 ml/vial Login
ImuWash-4 Washing solution for frozen erythrocytes 05.206-1k.14 1000 ml/vial Login
ImuFreeze Freezing solution for erythrocytes 05.314-50.14 50 ml/vial Login
Bromelin Gebrauchsfertige Lösung 06.086-10.14 10 ml/vial Login
30% RA 06.119-10.14 10 ml/vial Login
22% RA 06.120-10.14 10 ml/vial Login
Liss modified 06.129-10.14 10 ml/vial Login
Liss modified 06.129-50.14 50 ml/vial Login
5-HT / BSA 173-20081 50 ug Login
Swine serum 177-CL1100 Liquid 10ml Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-1000A 1L Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-1000C 1L Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-1000D 1L Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-1000L 1L Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-100A 100ml Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-100C 100mL Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-100D 100 ml On Request
Goat blood 177-CL1200-100L 100mL Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-500A 500mL Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-500C 500mL Login
Goat blood 177-CL1200-500D 500 ml On Request
Goat blood 177-CL1200-500L 500mL Login
Sheep serum 177-CL1300-100 100mL Login
Sheep serum 177-CL1300-50 50ml Login
Sheep serum 177-CL1300-500 500mL Login
blood 177-CL1500-1000A 1L Login
blood 177-CL1500-1000C 1L Login
blood 177-CL1500-1000D 1L Login
blood 177-CL1500-1000L 1L Login
blood 177-CL1500-100A 100mL Login
blood 177-CL1500-100C 100mL Login
blood 177-CL1500-100D 100mL Login
blood 177-CL1500-100L 100mL Login
blood 177-CL1500-500A 500mL Login
blood 177-CL1500-500C 500mL Login
blood 177-CL1500-500D 500mL Login
blood 177-CL1500-500L 500ml Login
Bovine blood 177-CL1700-1000A 1L Login
Bovine blood 177-CL1700-1000C 1L Login
Bovine blood 177-CL1700-1000D 1L Login
Bovine blood 177-CL1700-1000L 1L Login
Bovine blood 177-CL1700-100A 100mL Login
Bovine blood 177-CL1700-100C 100mL Login
Bovine blood 177-CL1700-100D 100mL Login