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Name Art no Species Reactivity Application Conjugation Size Price
BashingBead™ Module BioSite-D4072-B DNA Purification 0.1 & 0.5 mm Login for price
Digital Vortex-Genie® 2 BioSite-S5004 1 Unit On Request
CoolPrep™ Adapter BioSite-S6005-2 1 unit On Request
Disruptor Genie® BioSite-S6001-2-230 1 unit On Request
Disruptor Genie® with Australian Plug BioSite-S6004-3 1 unit On Request
Horizontal Microtube Holder BioSite-S5001-7 24 tubes On Request
Disruptor Genie® BioSite-S6001-2-120 1 unit On Request
DieHard Lithium-Ion Battery Charging Station BioSite-S6020-2 1 Unit On Request
Microplate Foam Inserts BioSite-S5001-2 504-0235-00 On Request
MicroPlate Genie® BioSite-S5005 1 unit On Request
QuickPrep™ Adapter BioSite-S6005-6 1 Unit On Request
FastPrep® European AC Cord BioSite-S6005-5 1 Unit On Request
Vortex-Genie® 2 BioSite-S5001 1 unit On Request
Terralyzer with sample kits of: ZymoBIOMICS DNA Miniprep BioSite-S6022 1Unit On Request
Digital Vortex-Genie® 2 BioSite-S5003 1 Unit On Request
BBX24 Bullet Blender™ Homogenizer P/N BBX24 BioSite-S6007-1 1 unit On Request
29-37 mm Tube Foam Inserts BioSite-S5001-3 503-0280-00 On Request
50 ml Tube Holder/Cryo Block Assembly P/N 2664 BioSite-S6006-3 2 blocks On Request
HiPrep™ Adaptor BioSite-S6005-1 1 unit On Request
Pop-off Cup BioSite-S5001-4 each On Request
MagStir Genie® BioSite-S5009 1 unit On Request
BluPAD, LED Transilluminator, with mini Darkroom 325-BP001CU PCR Set Login for price
EasyTransfer™ Replica Plating Device R702 Each Login for price
RotaPrep MonoLyser BioSite-S6021 1 Unit On Request
Power Converter BioSite-S6020-3 1 Unit On Request
Minilys Personal Homogenizer - not available for sale BioSite-S6009-2   On Request
MagStir Genie® BioSite-S5010 1 Unit On Request
Multiple Sample Starter Set BioSite-S6004-4 1 Set On Request
EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold BioSite-S7000 1 Unit On Request
Precellys 24 Homogenizer - not available for sale BioSite-S6009   On Request
Horizontal 50 ml Tube Holder BioSite-S5001-5 50 ml On Request
Roto-Shake Genie® BioSite-S5007 1 Unit On Request
DieHard Lithium-Ion Battery BioSite-S6020-1 1 Unit On Request
Horizontal 15 ml Tube Holder BioSite-S5001-6 15 ml On Request
MicroPlate Genie® BioSite-S5006 1 Unit On Request
BigPrep™ Adapter BioSite-S6005-4 1 unit On Request
Vortex-Genie® 2 BioSite-S5002 1 Unit On Request
15 ml Tube Holder/Cryo Block Assembly P/N 2661 BioSite-S6006-2 2 blocks On Request
BBX24B Bullet Blender™ Blue Homogenizer P/N BBX24B BioSite-S6007-2 24 x 1.5 - 2.0 ml tubes On Request
FastPrep-96 P/N 116010500 BioSite-S6008 1Unit On Request
Roto-Shake® Genie BioSite-S5008 1 Unit On Request
TeenPrep™ Adapter BioSite-S6005-3 1 unit On Request
BB50-DX Bullet Blender 50-DX Homogenizer P/N BB50-DX BioSite-S6007-3 1 unit On Request
Large Capacity Clamp Assembly P/N 2199 BioSite-S6006-10 1 Unit On Request
2.0 ml Tube Holder/Cryo Block Assembly P/N 2666 BioSite-S6006-1 2 blocks On Request
Microtube Foam Inserts BioSite-S5001-1 504-0234-00 On Request
TurboMix Attachment BioSite-S6004 1 unit On Request
FastPrep®-24 Instrument BioSite-S6005 1 unit On Request
2010 Geno/Grinder P/N 2010-115 BioSite-S6006 1 Unit On Request
ZR-96 MagStand BioSite-P1005 Protein Purification 96well Login for price