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Name Art no Species Application Format Size Price
Xpedition Lysis/Stabilization Solution BioSite-D6202-1-40 DNA Purification 40 ml Login
Buffer P1 BioSite-D4027-1-500 DNA Purification 500 ml Login
M-Desulphonation Buffer BioSite-D5002-5 Methylation 40 ml Login
DNA/RNA Prep Buffer BioSite-D7010-2-50 DNA Purification,RNA Purification 50 ml Login
DNA Clean & Concentrator-25 BioSite-D4034 DNA Purification 200 Preps Login
Quick-RNA MicroPrep Kit BioSite-R1050 RNA Purification 50 Preps Login
RNA Pre-Wash Buffer BioSite-R1020-2-25 RNA Purification 25 ml Login
No Template Control BioSite-E2007-2-8 PCR   Login
dNTP Mix 100 ul BioSite-E2002-3 PCR 100 µl Login
LibraryAmp Master Mix 625 ul BioSite-D5455-5-625 Library Preparation 625 µl Login
Solid Tissue Buffer BioSite-D4068-2-10 DNA Purification 10 ml Login
Human DNA Standard 2 BioSite-E2005-2-2 PCR   Login
Zymo-Spin IIC Columns BioSite-C1011-250 250 Pack Login
Sequencing Binding Buffer BioSite-D4050-1-55 DNA Purification 55 ml Login
Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA BioSite-R2101 RNA Purification 2 x 96 Preps Login
5-Methyl dCTP BioSite-D1035 10 mM Login
EZ DNA Methylation-Gold BioSite-D5005 Methylation 50 Rxns Login
ZymoTaq qPCR Premix BioSite-E2054 PCR 50 Rxns Login
Negative Control BioSite-D5325-5-1 ELISA,Methylation 100 ng/ul Login
RNA Clean & Concentrator-25 BioSite-R1018 RNA Purification 100 Preps Login
YD Lysis Buffer BioSite-D2002-2 DNA Purification 4.8 ml Login
Competent Cells-Zymo 10B BioSite-T3019 Cloning 10 tubes Login
Rattler Plating Beads BioSite-S1001 1 Bottle Login
Library Controls , 10 ul BioSite-D5457-3-10 Library Preparation 10 µl Login
Spleen DNA BioSite-D5018-2 Methylation 5 ug Login
ZymoTaq PreMix BioSite-E2004 PCR 200 Rxns Login
Fungal DNA Standards BioSite-E2007-2 PCR   Login
Lysis Buffer BioSite-D2004-2-45 DNA Purification 45 ml Login
Clearing Beads BioSite-D3061-2-1 DNA Purification 1 ml Login
2X ZymoTaq Premix 625 ul BioSite-E2003-1 PCR 625 µl Login
Brain DNA BioSite-D5018-1 Methylation 5 ug Login
MagBead DNA/RNA Wash 1 BioSite-R2130-1-120 DNA Purification 120 ml Login
HRP Developer BioSite-D5425-4-15 ELISA,Methylation 15 ml Login
Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit BioSite-D4001T DNA Purification 10 preps Login
Buffer P3 BioSite-D4027-3-50 DNA Purification 50 ml Login
Zyppy-96 Plasmid BioSite-D4042 DNA Purification 4 x 96 Preps Login
ZR Plasmid Miniprep-Classic BioSite-D4015 DNA Purification 100 Preps Login
Zymo Spin™ III-L Columns w/ LuerLock Caps and 15 ml Reservoir and collection tube BioSite-C1045-2 2 Pack Login
2.0 mL U-bottom Amber Tube BioSite-C1028-50 50 Pack Login
ZR Plasmid Gigaprep BioSite-D4057 DNA Purification 10 Preps Login
PrepAmp Buffer 30 ul BioSite-D5455-2-30 Library Preparation 30 µl Login
Digestion Buffer BioSite-R1060-3-1 RNA Purification 1 ml Login
Methylated & Non-Methylated DNA Set BioSite-D5014 Methylation 1 Set Login
2X Digestion Buffer BioSite-D3050-1-20 DNA Purification 20 ml Login
Bisulfite-Converted Universal Methylated Human DNA Std BioSite-D5015 Methylation 50 Rxns. Login
Micrococcal Nuclease BioSite-D5220-1 ChIP,DNA Purification 10 U /100 μl Login
Select-a-Size MagBeads BioSite-D4084-1-50 DNA Purification 50 ml Login
Quick-DNA 96 kit BioSite-D3012 DNA Purification 10 x 96 Preps Login
Quick-DNA™ MagBinding Buffer BioSite-D4077-1-150 DNA Purification 150ml Login
dNTP Mix 25 ul BioSite-E2001-3 PCR 25 µl Login