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Name Art no Species Reactivity Application Format Size Price
FIX&PERM® Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit (CE) 246-GAS-002 FC 8 x 5ml Login
FIX&PERM® Kit 1000 (CE) 246-GAS-002-1 FC 2 x 100ml Login
FIX&PERM® Sample Kit (CE) 246-GAS-002M FC 2 x 5ml Login
FIX&PERM® Solution A (Fix) (CE) 246-GAS-002A-1 FC 1 x 100ml Login
FIX&PERM® Solution B (Perm) (CE) 246-GAS-002B-1 FC 1 x 100ml Login
Fast-Red Substrate Pack BCB-20036 IHC 1 Kit (55 ml / 500 Tests) Login
Fast-Red Substrate Pack BCB-20038 IHC 1 Kit (500 ml / 5000 Tests) Login
Fast-Red Substrate Pack BCB-20037 IHC 1 Kit (125 ml / 1250 Tests) Login
Hybridizer BCB-20075 1 item Login
NM LYSE: Flow Cytometry Lysing Solution 246-GAS-003-1 FC 100ml (1000 Tests) Login
NM-LYSE: Flow Cytometry Lysing Solution 246-GAS-003 FC 30ml (300 Tests) Login