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Anti-2,2,7-trimethylguanosine (m3G/TMG) mAb

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Application IP, ICC
Article No RN019M
Clone 235-1
Clone Type polyclonal
Conjugation Unconjugated
Description Anti-2,2,7-trimethylguanosine (m3G/TMG) mAb
Supplier MBL International Corp.
Isotype IgG2a k
Notes Small nuclear RNA (snRNA) is known to be involved in pre-mRNA splicing as an RNA component of snRNP. 2,2,7-trimethylated guanosine (m3G/TMG) is a modified nucleoside at the 5’-cap site of U snRNAs except for U6 snRNA. Shortly after transcription, 7-methylguanosine (m7G), called cap structure, is added to 5’-end of newly synthesized U snRNA and m7G-capped U snRNA is exported to the cytoplasm. The m7G-cap is converted to m3G-cap, which is a hypermethylated structure of 5’-end, by cytoplasmic catalytic protein TSG1 and the m3G-capped U snRNA forms snRNP with Sm proteins in the cytoplasm, followed by entry into the nucleus. The m3G-capped snRNP plays a role in regulation of pre-mRNA splicing as a part of spliceosome in nucleus. It is also reported that U3 and U8 snoRNA, localized to Cajal body during RNP biogenesis, possess m3G-cap structure.
Alias Names N2,N2,7-Trimethylguanosine, m2,2,7G
Product Type Antibodies Primary
Research Area Epigenetics
Size 200 ug/200 uL
Source / Host mouse
Storage -20°C
Substrate / Buffer 1 mg/mL in PBS/50% glycerol, pH 7.2
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