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ELISA-VIDITEST anti-HHV-6 IgM, CE certified (IVD)

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96 wells


Application ELISA
Article No ODZ-345
Country Availability DK, FI, FO, GL, NO, SE
Description ELISA-VIDITEST anti-HHV-6 IgM, CE certified (IVD)
Supplier MoBiTec GmbH
Notes The kit is intended for serological diagnosis of diseases associated with HHV–6 infection, such asexanthema subitum, acute respiratory illnesses, diarrhoea with fever and febrile seizures in infants,heterophile antibody-negative infectious mononucleosis in children, also interstitial pneumonia,encephalitis, meningitis, hepatitis and aplastic anemia in immunodeficient patients. The presence ofIgM anti-HHV-6 antibody indicates ongoing or recent active infection. The test does not differentiatebetween HHV-6 subtype A and B. The test is intended for HHV-6-specific IgM determination inhuman sera.The test should be supplemented with the determination of HHV-6-specific IgG antibodies (ELISAVIDITEST anti-HHV-6 IgG).
Product Type Assay & Detection
Protocol ELISA-VIDITEST anti-HHV-6 IgM assay is a solid-phase immunoanalytical test. The strips arecoated with native HHV-6 antigen. The anti-HHV-6 antibodies, if present in the sera tested, bind tothe immobilized antigens and the antibodies being in complexes with antigen are later on recognisedby animal anti-human IgM antibodies labelled with horseradish peroxidase. The attached labelledantibodies are revealed by an enzymatic reaction with a chromogenic substrate. Negative sera do not react - a mild change in colour, if present, may be attributed to the reaction background.
References De Bolle L., Naesens L., De Clercq E., Update on Human Herpesvirus 6 Biology, Clinical Features and Therapy, Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 217-245, 2005Fox J.D., et al. Production of IgM antibody to HHV6 in reactivation and primary infection. Epidemiol.Infect. 104: 289-296, 1990.
Research Area Molecular Biology
Size 96 wells
Storage +2 to +10° C
Technical Specifications KIT COMPONENTSELISA strips coated with native antigen STRIPS Ag 1 microplate1.3 mL Positive control serum r.t.u. CONTROL + 1 vial1.3 mL Negative control serum r.t.u. CONTROL - 1 vial13 mL Anti-human IgM antibodies labelledwith horseraddish peroxidase (Px-conjugate) r.t.u. . CONJ 1 vial125 mL Wash buffer 10x concentrated WASH 10x 1 vial100 mL Dilution buffer anti-HHV6 r.t.u. DIL 1 vial13 mL Chromogenic substrate (TMB substrate) r.t.u. TMB-BF 1 vial13 mL Stop solution r.t.u. STOP 1 vial1 mL RF-sorbent 51 x concentrated RF SORB 51x 1 vialSealable pouch for unused stripsInstruction manualCertificate of quality1) ready to use
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