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Mobicol "Classic" with 2 different screw caps without filters

Mobicol "Classic" with 2 different screw caps without filters

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Article No M1002
Country Availability DK, FI, FO, GL, NO, SE
Description Mobicol "Classic" with 2 different screw caps without filters
Supplier MoBiTec GmbH
Notes Filters of the pore sizes 10 μm, 35 μm or 90 μm are available for Mobicols. The filters can be inserted easily with the help of a plastic tool which is delivered with the columns. The upper large filter fits tighly over the whole length of the column body. Mobicols can be closed tightly with a screw-on cap and a plug at the outlet. The volume is 800 μl. Mobicols can be autoclaved at 120 °C.
Product Type Plastics & Consumables
Research Area Molecular Biology
Shipping Information RT
Size 50
Storage RT
Technical Specifications Mobicols are 1 ml columns with particular handling advantages. Mobicols • are compatible to the laboratory standard, • can be centrifuged in minifuges, • have a Luer-lock adapter. • Smallest and largest volumes can be treated easily.
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