CD4 Low and Normal Blood Control Set

CD4 Low and Normal Blood Control Set
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Sample Collection


2 x 1.5ml - minimum order (2x50 vials)

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Application Sample Collection
Article No CF04-Duo
Description CD4 Low and Normal Blood Control Set
Supplier Cytomark Caltag Medsystems
Notes Stabilised Human Whole Blood Control and CD4 Low and Normal Blood Controls developed by Cytomark are stabilised preparations of human whole blood for use in research applications. They are commonly used for flow cytometric analysis to ensure that sample processing, equipment and operators are all performing optimally, thereby providing quality assurance.
Product Type Accessories
Research Area Molecular Biology
Size 2 x 1.5ml - minimum order (2x50 vials)
Stability Unopened vial stability is 3 months from the date of manufacture, opened vial stability is one month
Storage Store at 2-8˚C
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