Fecal Collection Tube

Fecal Collection Tube

Article No BioSite-R1101
Product Type Plastics & Consumables
Research Area Molecular Biology
Application Sample Collection, qPCR
Size 10 pack


Description DNA/RNA Shield - Fecal Collection Tube (10 pack)
Supplier Zymo Research Europe GmbH
Notes The DNA/RNA Shield™ Fecal Collection Tube ensures sample stability during storage/transport at ambient temperatures without the need for refrigeration or specialized equipment. DNA/RNA Shield™ reagent effectively lyses samples and inactivates pathogens (e.g., virus, bacteria).Each collection tube (with a spoon attached to the cap) is pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield™ (9 mL). The nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) in samples are preserved at ambient temperature (DNA >1 year, RNA up to 1 month). Samples in the DNA/RNA Shield™ can be frozen (-20/-80°C) for prolonged storage.
Sample Types Stool, soil, environmental samples
Storage RT, Ambient temperature = >2 years
Technical Specifications DNA/RNA Shield™ Fecal Collection Tube20 x 76 mm tube prefilled with DNA/RNA Shield™ (9 mL)Tube equipped with scoop attached to screwcapStore and inactivate fecal samples with innovative collection devices which include a fecal scoop cup, swab collection system, and lysis tubes. Samples collected are ready for downstream microbiomic analysis.


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