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100X 5-Fluoroorotic Acid (Liquid)

100X 5-Fluoroorotic Acid (Liquid)

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DNA Purification


10 ml

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Application DNA Purification
Article No BioSite-F9003
Country Availability SE, FI, DK, NO, FO, GL
Description 100X 5-Fluoroorotic Acid (Liquid)
Supplier Zymo Research
Notes Convenient yeast genetic counter-selection agent.|Using 5-Fluoroorotic Acid (5-FOA) for the counter-selection of yeast is a common genetic screening method. Curing yeast strains of plasmids, plasmid shuffling, allelic replacement, and two-hybrid screens are methods that can employ the use of 5-FOA. Otherwise nontoxic to yeast, 5-FOA is converted to the toxic form (i.e., 5-flurouracil) in strains expressing the functional URA3 gene coding for orotine-5-monophosphate decarboxylase that is involved in the synthesis of uracil. Yeast strains that are phenotypically Ura+ become Ura- and 5-FOA(R) (resistant) after selection. The question of 5-FOA solubility is often raised by customers using ultra-pure (< 98%) 5-FOA powder because of its insolubility in water. Thus, we provide a 100X concentrated (100 mg/ml) 5-FOA solution in DMSO and synthetic 5-FOA monohydrate powder. Both have been tested and validated on the basis of counter selection activity.
Product Type Antibiotics & Culture Media
Research Area Molecular Biology
Shipping Information BLUE ICE
Size 10 ml
Storage -20C
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