Antibodies Primary


Anti-MSH6, rabbit monoclonal (BSR100) - Optibodies

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1 ml



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Application IHC
Article No BSH-3015-1
BioSite Brand Optibodies
Country Availability all
Clone BSR100
Clone Type monoclonal
Description Anti-MSH6, rabbit monoclonal (BSR100) - Optibodies
Recommended Dilution IHC-P (1:100 - 1:400)
Supplier Nordic BioSite
Format Concentrate
Notes Mismatch repair proteins are nuclear enzymes which participate in repair of mismatch errors during DNA replication. Loss of Mismatch repair proteins increases the number of DNA replication errors in the proliferating cells. Errors occur especially in areas of the genome with short repetitive nucleotide sequences - causing microsatellite instability (MSI). MSH6 is a mismatch repair protein which is not expressed in a high proportion of patients with MSI-H. MSH6 antibody can be useful for immunohistochemical analyses of MSH6 protein in neoplastic tissues and identification of loss of MSH6. Immunohistochemical analysis of MSH6 should be performed in IHC panel together with MLH1, MSH2 and PMS2.
Product Type Antibodies Primary
Protocol suitable for IHC
Size 1 ml
Source / Host rabbit
Species Reactivity human
Storage Store at 4℃
Substrate / Buffer TRIS with 0.03% sodium azide, pH7,2
UniProt Number P52701
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