MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit

MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit

Article No BIO-25054
Product Type Assay & Detection
Research Area Molecular Biology
Application PCR
Size 250 Reactions

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Country Availability DK, IS, NO, SE
Concentration 2x
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Description MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit
Supplier Bioline Reagents Limited
Keywords MyTaq Enzymes / Mixes
Notes MyTaq™ Blood-PCR Kit is recommended for fast, specific and direct PCR from human and animal blood samples. MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit incorporates MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase, a next-generation hot-start polymerase that delivers highly-specific PCR amplification. Furthermore, MyTaq HS has an increased affinity for template DNA, giving a high PCR product yield for most challenging templates. MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase has been developed to give more robust amplification than other commonly-used polymerases, meaning it performs reliably even in the presence of PCR inhibitors.The combination of a unique, inhibitor-tolerant buffer system and MyTaq HS, ensures the MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit overcomes the PCR inhibitors typically present in blood samples, including anticoagulants (EDTA, citrate and heparin). This leads to significantly increased sensitivity and PCR success rates even with demanding applications such as GC-rich templates or longer amplicons.The speed and high specificity of MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit also makes it highly suited for multiplex PCR and high-throughput genotyping assays. The advanced formulation of MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit allows fast cycling conditions to be used, without compromising PCR specificity and yield. In addition to supporting robust PCR amplification, the novel buffer system replaces the need for complicated extraction or purification steps or use of additives.
Storage MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit can be stored at -20°C. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided.When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, full activity of the kit is retained until the expiry date printed on the outer box label.
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