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AEC Single Solution

AEC Single Solution

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Application IHC
Article No BCB-20027
BioSite Brand BioSite Histo
Description AEC Single Solution
Supplier BioSite Histo
Format Ready-To-Use
Notes AEC Single Solution is a ready-to-use solution intended for immunohistochemical and in situ-hybridisation staining procedures with horse radish peroxidase (HRP). AEC (3-Amino-9-ethylcarbazol) leads to the formation of a red-brown precipitate at the location of the target antigen or target nucleic acid. The precipitate is insoluble in aqueous mounting media and can be observed by light microscopy. AEC Single Solution is especially useful when a high sensitivity is desired. AEC Single Solution is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.
Product Type Buffers & Mixes
Protocol AEC Single Solution can be used directly from the refrigerator and should be stored again at 2-8&<76;C aft er use. When using the small package (8 ml) please directly drop from the bottle. When using the 100 ml package please transfer up to 8 ml of the AEC Single Solution into one of the provided dropper bottles. The transferred solution is stable for many weeks if stored at 2-8&<76;C. The vo lume required for several staining runs should be transferred so that the 100 ml stock bottle has to be opened only a few times. If you would like to pipette the solution use a clean vial from which you pipette. Remaining quantities should not be filled back into the bottle but disposed as hazardous material. Staining procedure: 1) Rinse the slide with wash buffer after the previous incubation step. 2) Apply the AEC Single Solution to the slide. Incubate for 3-6 minutes. (Incubation time can be extended up to 30 minutes, if desired.) 3) Rinse with distilled H2O. 4) Counterstain with haematoxylin for about 30 seconds up to 5 minutes (depending on the desired staining intensity). 5) Rinse with distilled H2O. 6) Blueing in tap water for at least 5 minutes. 7) Mount with an aqueous mounting medium.
References Elias JM &S220;Immunohistopathology &S211; A practical Approach to Diagnosis&S221; ASCP Press 2003 Nadji M and Morales AR Ann N.Y. Acad Sci 420:134-9, 1983
Size 100 ml
Storage 2 - 8°C
Technical Specifications Excellent ready-to-use AEC solution
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