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Actin (muscle)

Anti-Actin (muscle) Purified

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Application WB, IHC
Article No AFC-4468-2
BioSite Brand BioSite Flow
Country Availability all
Clone HHF35
Clone Type monoclonal
Concentration 1 mg/ml
Conjugation Unconjugated
Description Anti-Actin (muscle) Purified
Supplier Nordic BioSite
Immunogen SDS extracted protein fraction of human myocardium
Isotype IgG1
Keywords Cytoskeleton: Actin System, Cytoskeleton: Actin System (Veterinary), Cytoskeleton: Actin System (Rodent), Cytoskeleton: Actin System (Human)
Notes Actin is a highly conserved ubiquitous globular protein (G-actin) that polymerizes to form fibrous F-actin microfilaments. In higher eucaryotes several actin isoforms have been identified, that fall into three classes. Alpha actin is a structural component of the contractile apparatus of muscle cells or muscle-derived cells. Beta actin and gamma actin play roles in regulation of cell motility in other cell types. Specific subcellular structures such as as stress fibers, focal adhesions, filopodia etc., are formed by involvement of actin cytoskeleton.
Alias Names Muscle specific actin
Product Type Antibodies Primary
Purification Purified by protein-A affinity chromatography
Purity > 95% (by SDS-PAGE)
Research Area Cell Proliferation
Size 0.1 mg
Species Reactivity human, chicken, mouse, monkey, rat, rabbit
Storage Store at 2-8°C. Do not freeze. Do not use after expiration date stamped on the label.
Substrate / Buffer Phosphate buffered saline (PBS) solution with 15 mM sodium azide
Technical Specifications The mouse monoclonal antibody HHF35 recognizes muscle-specific alpha and gamma actin (42 kDa) in various species. This antibody stains skeletal, smooth and myocardial cells as well as myoepithelial cells and pericytes of small vessels. It is a widely used marker of muscle and muscle-derived cells._x000D_
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