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active against numerous plant pathogenic fungi, viruses, bacteria, and nematodes

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CAS No 2161-86-6
MW 210.2
Article No 333-C3761-50MG
Country Availability SE, FI, DK, NO, IS, EE, FO, GL, RU
Description active against numerous plant pathogenic fungi, viruses, bacteria, and nematodes
Supplier APExBIO
Notes 2,4-Diacetylphloroglucinol is an agent against various plant pathogenic fungi, viruses, bacteria, and nematodes.2,4-Diacetylphloroglucinol, a non-nitrogen-containing compound produced by some isolates of P. fluorescens, has been used to increase crop yield by controlling plant root diseases.In vitro: A previous study was conducted to determine if 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol was toxic to selected nematodes. The plant-parasitic nematodes including Pratylenchus scribneri and Xiphinema americanum, Heterodera glycines, Meloidogyne incognita, and the bacterial-feeding nematodes such as Pristionchus pacificus, Caenorhabditis elegans, and Rhabditis rainai, were found to be immersed in concentrations ranging from 0 to 100 µg/ml of 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol. Moreove, the egg hatch and viability of juveniles and adults were determined, and the results showed that 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol was toxic to X. americanum adults with an LD50 of 8.3 µg/ml. 2,4-Diacetylphloroglucinol could decrease M. incognita egg hatch, but stimulated C. elegans hatch. Whereas, the viability of M. incognita J2 and of C. elegans J1 and adults was not affected. There were no observed effects on the other nematodes. These findings indicated that 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol was not toxic to all nematodes, and did not affect the tested species of beneficial bacterial-feeding nematodes [1].In vivo: Up to now, there is no animal in vivo data reported.Clinical trial: So far, no clinical study has been conducted.Reference:[1] Meyer, S.L.F.,Halbrendt, J.M.,Carta, L.K., et al. Toxicity of 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol (DAPG) to plant-parasitic and bacterial-feeding nematodes. Journal of Nematology 41(4), 274-280 (2009).
Molecular Formula C10H10O5
Product Type Antibiotics & Culture Media
Purity 98%
Shipping Information BLUE ICE
Size 50mg
Solubility insoluble in H2O; ≥11.55 mg/mL in DMSO; ≥31.55 mg/mL in EtOH
Storage -20°C
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