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Baby Rabbit Complement- Tissue Culture Grade, Frozen

Baby Rabbit Complement- Tissue Culture Grade, Frozen

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Article No 177-CL3441-S50
Description Baby Rabbit Complement- Tissue Culture Grade, Frozen
Supplier Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd.
Notes Baby Rabbit Complement – Tissue Culture Grade is collected aseptically from 3-4 week old rabbits. The pooled sera is then thoroughly tested to ensure that the complement is sterile, mycoplasma-free, virus-free and is low in endotoxin. 3-4 week old rabbit complement has low heterophile activity which results in low background cytotoxicity, making this product ideal for use in cytotoxicity, depletion and opsinization assays.
Product Type Serum & Plasma
Protocol Complement Titre: Each lot is tested to ensure high activity with low inherent toxicity for complement dependent assays. Hemolytic titre is determined in a sheep RBC Hemolytic assay using presensitized sRBC. Minimum acceptable hemolytic titre is 1:16. Cytotoxic titre is determined in a lymphocytotoxicity assay using an anti-human CD3 antibody. Results are reported as the last dilution to produce greater than 50% cellular cytotoxicity. Minimum acceptable cytotoxic titre is 1:8. Endotoxin Testing: The Endotoxin level in the sample is determined using the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate test (Pyrotell gel clot method). The maximum allowed limit is ≤1.0 EU/ml. Sterility Testing: 2 week culture in Trypticase Soy Broth and Thioglycollate Media at 37ºC. General Safety Testing: This test is performed by an injection of 0.5 ml into mice and recording weights and general health for 7 days. Mycoplasma Testing: Preformed by a 30 day culture in Mycoplasma broth (containing supplement). Viral Studies: Samples are tested with atleast six cell types: monkey kidney primary (MK-1), Hep-2, human foreskin (HFS), human embryonic lung (HEL), Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK), and Rhabdomyosarcoma (RD).
Size 50 ml
Storage -70
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