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news December 03 2020

Once upon a time, there was a scientist called Edwin M. Southern, who named his revolutionary technique for identifying DNA sequences after himself Southern blotting. In almost no time, another scientist J.C. Alwine published a similar kind of method for RNA analysis, that was wittily named Northern blotting. After this, it wasn’t very surprising that a third scientist W. Neal Burnette, named his protein separation and detection method Western blotting.

We at Nordic Biosite are aware of the importance of this legendary Western blot method, and want to provide you with all important reagents for you experiments.

Protein Staining, Quantification & Ladders

Broad assortment of reagents for Protein Quantification (e.g. Bradford, BCA) and Staining Solutions, ready-to-use and rapid band visualization: BradFord Protein Assay Kit (Bradford), BCA Protein Assay Kit (BCA), jetBlue Protein Staining Solution.

Do you need Protein Ladders? Choose between tricolor, blue or unstained, as well as ready- to- use pre-stained. Available in 250 ul, 500 ul and 2500 ul sizes. (More info here)

Contact us if you are interested in Customized Prestained Protein Ladders!

Western Blot substrates & Devices

UltraScence Western Substrates
Ready-to-use solutions or powder, with high degree of sensitivity and enhanced chemiluminescence duration. Optimized for use with PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes. Compatible with western blotting markers. For film and CCD-based imaging. Choose your sensitivity between Pico Plus, Pico Ultra and Femto. (More info here).

PerfectWestern Containers
Western blot containers for antibody incubation, washing, and staining. Over 30 different sizes in clear, black, and transparent colors. For whole blots, half blots, strips, 2D gels, etc. Durable polystyrene plastic, with ultra-smooth flat inner surfaces and hinged lids to reduce evaporation, and 90° edges for excellent membrane movement and more efficient incubation. (More info here).

Is your signal weak? Are you interested in saving time and making your protocol simpler? Check out OneStep Blocker 3 in 1:

OneStep Blocker Western Blocking Solution and Signal Enhancer
Enhance antibody signal. Time saving and less hands-on steps. No blocking step needed. Both HRP and AP substrates. Compatible with PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes. Protein free (reduces overall background and minimizes non-specific signals often seen with ECL detection). More information here.

Want to know more?

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