Volcano2G DNA polymerase: Convenient RT-PCR with “0-step” protocols

The Volcano2G DNA polymerase is an extremely thermostable enzyme that has both reverse transcriptase and PCR activity. These double functions facilitate “zero-step” RT-PCRs directly from RNA templates (without an isothermal reverse transcription step), as reverse transcription takes place simultaneously with DNA amplification during the cycled PCR elongation step.

Convenient RT-PCR with “0-step” protocols

Save time with 0-step protocols

Skip the reverse transcription step. Isothermal reverse-transcription steps are not needed. Volcano2G is a PCR-active reverse transcriptase and extremely thermostable with ahalf-life at 95°C of >40 min.

Sensitive RNA detection

Volcano2G DNA polymerase can also be used for real-time PCR, when adding a real-time PCR dye. Volcano2G has a Taq DNA polymerase-like nuclease domain making it also suitable for hydrolysis probe based assays. As demonstrated below, NONO mRNA was detected using a 10-fold dilution series of total RNA by using a probe-based qPCR assay and thezero-step RT-PCR protocol.

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Direct RT-PCR from cells

For a reliable RT-PCR of cellular RNAs, sample preparation steps are indispensable. However, these steps are laborious, time consuming and necessitate extra consumables. With the VolcanoCell2G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix you can substitute the laborious RNA preparation with a fast and convenient ‘zero-step’ protocol.

Saves time and money

VolcanoCell2G RT-PCR 2x Master mix has a streamlined ‘zero-step’ workflow that allows you to circumvent laborious purification and extraction steps, saving you both time and money.

Superior sensitivity

VolcanoCell2G RT-PCR 2x achieves detection sensitivities down to single cells. In this example, GAPDH mRNA was detected from a single Lund human mesencephalic (LUHMES) cell following the VolcanoCell2G protocol.

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