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Product Highlights

- Calbryte™ dyes generate much brighter signals, show significantly improved signal-to-background ratio and have greatly enhanced cellular retention. Calbryte™ series is a superior choice over older, more traditional Ca2+ indicators. Find out more >> 
- Cell Meter™ Flow Cytometric Calcium Kit, a fluorescence-based assay for detecting intracellular calcium mobilization using a flow cytometer. Find out more >>
- NAADP-AM, a cell permeable NAADP analog, can be easily loaded into a population of cells without the need for invasive cellular techniques. Find out more >>

Single Wavelength Ca2+ Indicators

• Blue-Green Fluorescence: Cal-500™
• Green Fluorescence: Fluo-8®, Cal-520® & Calbryte™ 520
• Red Fluorescence: Calbryte™ 590
• NIR Fluorescence: Cal-670™ & Cal-770™

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Live Cell Ca2+ Assays

• FLIPR Calcium Assays
• Endpoint Calcium Assay
• Flow Cytometric Calcium Assay
• GPCR Cell Line Calcium Assays

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Ratiometric Ca2+ Indicators

• Fura-2
• Fura-8™
• Indo-1
• Cal Red™ R525/650

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Non-Fluorescent Ca2+ Signaling Molecules & Chelators

• Fluorimetric cADP-Ribose Assay
• Pluronic® F-127

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