Product Focus: PCSK9 Human ELISA

Sandwich High Sensitivity ELISA kit for Quantitative Detection of Human PCSK9

PCSK9 protein plays a major regulatory role in cholesterol homeostasis, mainly by reducing LDL-Receptor levels on the plasma membrane. Reduced LDLR levels result in decreased metabolism of LDL-particles, which could lead to hypercholesterolemia.

This activity made PCSK9 a novel target in cholesterol lowering therapy. The PCSK9 inhibitors (PSK9i) are a newer class of injectable drugs that have been shown to dramatically lower LDL cholesterol levels, by up to 60% when combined with a statin. PCSK9 inhibitors are monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), a type of biologic drug.

PCSK9 has a key impact not only on circulating LDL-Cholesterol level but also on cardiovascular risk and atherosclerotic process. The determination of PCSK9 levels is obviously of great diagnostic as well as treatment monitoring importance. 

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