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Fluorescent Labeling Dyes

iFluor™ dyes: optimized for labeling antibodies and biopolymers such as proteins & nucleic acids. 
mFluor™ dyes: developed for multicolor detection using flow cytometry. 
Classic dyes: a full spectrum of classic labeling dyes with highest quality and competitive price.  

Featured products: iFluor™ 488mFluor™ Red 700, Cy5®.

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Labeling Kits & Conjugation Services

ReadiLink™ protein labeling kits: engineered and tested for optimal results; simple protocol with minimal hands on time. 
Conjugation services: offered to meet your special research needs. 

Featured products: ReadiLink™ Rapid iFluor™ 488 Antibody Labeling KitReadiLink™ Rapid Cy5 Antibody Labeling Kit

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Tools and Resources

Extinction coefficient finder:
 select a compound from the list to view extinction coefficient data.  
Degree of labeling calculator: use the interactive tool to calculate Degree of Labeling. 
Labeling Antibodies & Biopolymers Catalog: Free hard copy available on request.  

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