Mitochondrial Labeling Probes & Kits

Our supplier AATBioquest have a industry-leading portfolio of mitochondrial labeling probes & assay kits, and offer you a whole new world of choice for your exciting experiment. 

Mitochondrion-Selective Probes & Kits


MitoLiteTM Fluorescent Probes

·     Set of cell-permeable fluorescent probes

·     Exhibit excellent organelle retention

·     Optimized for improved staining efficiency

·     Available in a variety of distinct fluorescent colors

·     Compatible with common excitation sources and instruments

Cell NavigatorTM Mitochondrion Staining

·     Selectively target and accumulate within mitochondria 

·     Exhibit excellent photostability and organelle-retention in mitochondria 

·     Available in multi-color wavelengths for multiplexing or multi-staining applications

·     Suitable for fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry applications


Mitochondrial Membrane Potential


JC-10TM, Superior Alternative to JC-1

·     Potential-dependent spectroscopic properties similar to those of JC-1

·     Capable of selectively entering into mitochondia

·     Higher sensitivity & improved water solubility

·     Streamlined protocol makes it easier to prepare & ensures consistent results across multiple runs.

Cell MeterTM Mitochondrion Membrane Potential Assay Kits

·     Optimized assay protocol well-suited for flow cytometry & microplate assays

·     Use one of our proprietary cationic mitochondrial probes, JC-10™, MitoTell™ Orange or MitoLite™ NIR for detecting ΔψM changes.


Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species


Hydroxyl Radical Detection: MitoROSTM OH580

·     Rapidly and selectively target •OH in live cells

·     High signal-to-background ratio

·     Well-suited for fluorescence microplate readers and fluorescence microscopy 

Superoxide Detection: MitoROSTM 580

·     Rapidly and selectively detect superoxide in mitochondria

·     Provide a sensitive, one-step fluorimetric assay to detect mitochondrial superoxide in live cells