Improvements to the LEGENDplex Human Th Cytokine Panel

The LEGENDplex™ Human Th Cytokine Panel have a new format that provides an improved standard
curve for many of the analytes. It still maintains the same specificity and quality as the original. 

Learn more about the changes to the panel below! 

Improved Standard Curve Performance

Data generated using our new panel highlights a more robust standard curve for some analytes,
particularly IL-21 and IL-22. The improved stability of some recombinant standards,
such as IFN-γ, for greater standard curve performance. 


Uncompromised Sample Detectability

Performed side-by-side comparisons with both panel formats and found a high degree of
biological sample detectability correlation between the two assays for all analytes included in the panel. 


Pre-defined Human Th Cytokine Panels

Name Kit with Filter Plates (Cat #) Kit with V- Bottom Plates (Cat #)
Th Cytokine Panel (13-plex) 740721 740722
Th1 Panel (5-plex) 740723 740724
Th2 Panel (6-plex) 740725 740726
Th1/Th2 Panel (8-plex) 740729 740730
Th17 Panel (8-plex) 740727 740728
Th9 Panel (3-plex) 740731 740732
Th22 Panel (4-plex) 740733 740734
Tfh Panel (4-plex) 740735 740736