Validated Antibodies against Mutated RAS Proteins

news June 03 2019

The ubiquitous HRAS, KRAS, and NRAS proto-oncoproteins are GTPase switches that play pivotal roles in cell survival and proliferation. Though tightly controlled in normal cells, RAS activity is frequently dysregulated in some developmental disorders and in many human lung, colon and pancreas carcinomas, among others. Oncogenic mutations, with almost all involving codons G12, G13, or Q61, result in constitutive RAS signaling. Understanding why certain cancers are associated with particular mutations in specific RAS proteins is an area of ongoing study. GeneTex proudly offers an outstanding selection of antibodies specific for different mutated RAS proteins.


Name Cat. No
RAS (G12D Mutant Specific) Antibody GTX132407
RAS (G12V Mutant Specific) Antibody GTX132695
RAS (G13D Mutant Specific) Antibody GTX132410
RAS (A59T Mutant Specific) Antibody GTX132403
RAS (Q61R Mutant Specific) Antibody GTX132405
RAS K117N Mutant Specific) Antibody GTX132416
RAS Antibody GTX132480