UV Through NIR Intracellular Calcium Probes

news February 17 2022


AAT Bioquest has developed the largest collection of calcium indicators, such as high-demand Fluo-8®, Cal-520®, and Calbryte™ probes, as well as calcium flux assays to track calcium mobilization with intense fluorescent signals and in a variety of wavelength options ranging from ultraviolet to infrared.

AAT Bioquest classic green as well as long-wavelength probes, including their unique NIR calcium indicator Cal-770™, are manufactured in-house for dependable supply.

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Choosing the right probe depends mainly on the experiment. For assistance with product selection, recommended protocols, or other experimental concerns, contact our Sales Representatives.

Long-Wavelength Indicators:

Red-shifted calcium indicators are incredibly useful for researchers looking to perform multicolor experiments in combination with green- or blue-tagged probes.

Calbryte™ 590 AM and Calbryte™ 630 AM are bright and robust, and can be imaged in common red channels.

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Like Rhod-2, Rhod-5N AM is essentially nonfluorescent until binding Ca2+, then exhibits strong fluorescence enhancement with no spectral shift.

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Performance Comparison: ATP-stimulated calcium responses were measured with Rhod-4™ AM and Rhod-2 AM.

Ratiometric Calcium Indicators:

Performance Comparison: ATP-stimulated calcium response of endogenous P2Y receptor in CHO-K1 cells measured with Fura-2 AM, Fura-8™ AM and Fura-10™ AM.

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Upgraded Single-Wavelength Green Calcium Indicators:

These indicators exhibit significant calcium-dependent changes in fluorescence intensity at saturating calcium levels without shifting either their absorbance or emission wavelengths.
Cal-520® AM has both high sensitivity and >100 times fluorescence enhancement when bound to calcium.
• Improved signal/background ratio and intracellular retention properties make Calbryte™ 520 AM the most robust indicator for evaluating GPCR and calcium channel targets

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Fluo-8® is a novel, high-performing green calcium indicator which incorporates the same fluorescein core as Fluo-3 and Fluo-4.

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The majority of AAT Bioquest indicators are available as membrane-permeant AM esters, and membrane-impermeant salt derivatives and dextran conjugates. They also offer custom conjugations as well as stand-alone reagents for researchers with highly unique requirements.