Using Anti-Fading Mounting Media to Reduce Photobleaching

news September 06 2022

One of the top challenges in fluorescence imaging is photobleaching: light-inflicted damage to tissues and cells. To improve the ease of visualization and the number of images gained from each slide, an anti-fade mounting medium is highly recommended, particularly for experiments using limited materials.


In comparison with the exacting preparation requirements of IHC and other in situ techniques, using a well-selected mounting medium is easy to integrate into any protocol, and includes 3 basic steps:

1. Warm up the mounting solution: Remove the mounting solution from refrigerator. Warm the bottle to room temperature, protected from light.

2. Apply the mounting solution: Remove any excess liquid from your specimen. Add a small drop of the mounting solution to the specimen.

3. Prepare samples for imaging: Incubate for 2 hours to overnight. Samples can be imaged immediately after mounting, and will remain stable for multiple weeks.