The Definitive Gut Microbiome Standard

The microbiome of the human gut is an extremely complex microbial population that presents many challenges to research and analysis. Benchmarking methods with a mock community designed to mimic the gut microbiome helps ensure accurate microbial profiling.

With 21 microbial strains from three taxonomic kingdoms in various abundances, The ZymoBIOMICS Gut Microbiome Standard* represents the complexity of the human gut while challenging microbiome profiling methods with a wide range of cell toughness and cell sizes.

The ZymoBIOMICS Gut Microbiome Standard

Ahead of the Competition

ZymoBIOMICS Gut Microbiome Standard Supplier A
Abundance Variation < 15% < 1,000%
Foreign Contaminants
< 0.01% < 10%
Cross-kingdom Representation Yes No
Strict Manufacturing QC Yes No
Biosafety* Non-Hazardous BSL 2 Required
Cells per Tube† 3 x 1010 2.4 x 108 ± 1 log

*The ZymoBIOMICS Gut Microbiome Standard is stored in DNA/RNA Shield, which inactivates all pathogens and allows for safe handling.

†Higher cell numbers more closely mimic the gut microbiome. This additionally allows for applications requiring large amounts of DNA, such as long-read sequencing.