The best performing Optibodies™

Read about our top new product CD117 as well as CK-pan and EpCAM, our two best performing Optibodies™ in the external quality assessments by NordiQC. Protocols are now available for Ventana BenchMark Ultra and Dako Omnis.

CK-pan, clone BS5, BSH-7124

CK-pan clone BS5 IHC, liver tissue

CK-pan clone BS5 IHC, squamous lung cell carcinoma

BS5 clone stains both low and high molecular weight cytokeratins as expected from an optimal antibody. The main advantage of the clone is the monoclonality, providing robust performance independent of the tissue and between many protocols. The last evaluation from NordiQC resulted in the highest score in the concentrated antibodies category.

EpCAM clone BS14, BSH-7402

EpCAM clone BS14 IHC, kidney

EpCAM clone BS14 IHC, colon carcinoma

The advantage of the BS14 clone is its robustness and optimal performance on multiple IHC platforms, using standard high pH HIER buffer. The BS14 clone is a good alternative with more flexible dilution range.

CD117 clone BSR24, BSH-4015

CD117 clone BSR24 IHC, appendix

CD117 clone BSR24 IHC, GIST

The BRS24 clone is one of the newest Optibodies™ and especially the specificity is a characteristic of the clone. If you have an issue with false positive tissues this clone could be an option.

Optibodies is a series of premium monoclonal antibodies, optimized and extensively validated for IHC using recommended control tissues and staining criteria. They represent clones that has not been on the market previously and are created to provide excellent alternatives to more challenging clones.

Key features include:
– High analytical specificity and sensitivity
– Optimized for high pH hier
– Excellent Stability
– Concentrated Antibodies
– Optimal staining results in external quality assessments