Take Innovative Approaches to Parkinson’s Research

news December 12 2019

Characterizing primary cells from patients with Parkinson’s disease is critical for understanding the mechanisms of neurodegeneration. The innovation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) has opened opportunities to develop novel disease models since iPSCs allow for the generation of neurons from more accessible cells. Discover BioLegend’s flow cytometry antibodies and other tools that can be used to isolate and profile iPSC-derived neurons.

Isolate neurons from differentiated iPSCs by FACS or MojoSort™, using antibodies for CD56, CD24, CD15, and CD184. Confirm the identity of cultured neurons by visualizing expression of FOXA2, MAP2, β3-tubulin, and neurofilaments with ICC. Analyze neuronal cell health, characterize neuroinflammation with LEGENDplex™, and simultaneously detect mRNA and protein.


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