Streamline Your Single Cell Sequencing Workflow

news September 07 2020

Make your proteogenomics workflow easier with TotalSeq™ oligo-conjugated antibody panels. Our TBNK antibody panel is now available in TotalSeq-B and –C formats which seamlessly integrate into 3’ and 5’ single cell sequencing kits from 10x Genomics respectively. Each single-use tube contains pre-optimized, lyophilized antibodies to help identify major immune cell subtypes including T cells, B cells, and NK cells.

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Unraveling Autoimmune Diseases With Multiplexed Single Cell Omics

Listen to experts Dr. Jimmie Ye, University of California San Francisco, and Dr. Ephraim Kenigsberg, Icahn School of Medicine, describe how current single cell technologies are advancing their research discoveries in autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s and lupus.