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news October 20 2020

We want you to experience the high quality of our Optibodies and we want to make it easy for you. Check out the images and the protocols for our Pan Cytokeratin, EpCAM and Napsin A, all CE/IVD marked Optibodies. We have protocols for Ventana Benchmark Ultra and Dako Omnis if you want to test them in your own lab – just ask us for a sample!

Pan Cytokeratin (BS5)

Cytokeratins are expressed in wide variety of epithelial tissues and are of great importance for carcinoma diagnostic. The challenge is to stain all the 20 different cytokeratins optimally. BS5 clone meets this challenge as one of the best clones on the market. The main advantage of the clone is the monoclonality, providing robust performance independent of the tissue and between many protocols.

Pan Cytokeratin, Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma (RCC)

View our Pan Cytokeratin here! 

EpCAM (BS14)

Ep-CAM, is an epithelial marker and can be of great help in differential diagnosis of malignancies in the peritoneal and pleural cavities. The advantage of the BS14 clone is its robustness and optimal performance on multiple IHC platforms, using standard high pH HIER buffer. The BS14 clone is a good alternative with more flexible dilution range.

EpCAM, Prostate Adenocarcinoma

View our EpCAM here!

Napsin A (BS10)

Napsin A is predominantly expressed in the lung and kidney.It is important in the differential diagnosis of lung adenocarcinoma vs. squamous cell carcinoma. The main advantage of BS10 is its excellent performance, being sensitive and specific as well as easy to optimize.

Napsin A, Kidney

View our Napsin A here!

Want a sample?

These Optibodies come with very high analytical sensitivity that is clearly seen in tissues with lower expression of the biomarker. If you want a free sample, contact us here.

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