Reactive Oxygen Species Reagents & Assay Kits

AAT Bioquest offers the most complete product line for detecting ROS. Our ROS products include novel fluorescent indicators and assay kits to detect various reactive oxygen species and related biochemical molecules with ultimate sensitivity and high selectivity. They are optimized for multiplexing applications by selecting desired excitation and emission wavelengths for flow cytometric analysis and fluorescence imaging of live cells from a broad spectrum of our ROS detection products.

Figure 1. Detection of ROS in Jurkat cells with Cell Meter™ Fluorimetric Intracellular Total ROS Activity Assay Kit. Jurkat cells were seeded on the same day at 300,000 cells/100µL/well in a Costar black wall/clear bottom 96-well plate. The ROS assay loading solution (100 µL/well) was added and incubated in a 5% CO2, 37 °C incubator for 1 hour. And then the cells were treated with 1mM, 0.1mM H2O2 or without H2O2 for 30 minutes. The fluorescence signal was monitored at Ex/Em = 490/525 nm (cutoff at 515 nm) with bottom read mode using FlexStation (Molecular Devices).

Intracellular Hydrogen Peroxide Probes

Intracellular ROS Selection Guide

ROS-Selective Probes and Assay Kits

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