Quantify Soluble Immune Checkpoint Molecules Faster and Simpler

news May 27 2019


Immune checkpoint molecules are critical in preventing autoimmunity and regulating the immune response; however, cancer cells are able to exploit these checkpoints to suppress anti-tumor responses. Study immune checkpoints using BioLegends newest LEGENDplex™ kit, which allows you to simultaneously quantify expression levels of 12 important oncology-related checkpoint biomarkers.

Panels Filter Plate V-Bottom Plate
Immune Checkpoint Panel 1- Tissue

Culture (12-plex)

740866 740867
Immune Checkpoint Panel 1-

Serum/Plasma (10-plex)

740961 740962
Immune Checkpoint Panel 1-

Serum/Plasma (2-plex)

740963 740964