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news June 11 2021

New cGAS Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit

Cayman offers a dedicated tool set to study STING, a central mediator of the innate immune response that induces the expression of various interferons, cytokines, and T cell recruitment factors and has the potential to enhance the initial anticancer response.

This product line features one of Caymans top selling products, the 2’3′-cGAMP ELISA Kit. This kit enables highly sensitive, direct measurement of 2’3′-cGAMP in cell lysate samples. 2’3’-cGAMP is a second messenger produced by cGMP-AMP synthase (cGAS) in the cytoplasm of mammalian cells in response to the presence of DNA.

To compliment this product line, Cayman has developed a novel cGAS Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit that provides a robust and easy-to-use platform for identifying novel inhibitors of human cGAS. Inhibiting cGAS activity can decrease type I IFN production, which could provide a novel way to treat autoimmune diseases. Promoting cGAS activity may have therapeutic utility in producing antitumor responses. This powerful assay can be applied to entire compound libraries to discover cGAS modulators and can be used to profile candidate compounds for inhibitor potency. Watch the short video guide to learn more about the features of this new kit.



cGAS Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit Key Information:

• Relevant Research Areas: Immunology & Inflammation, Autoimmunity, Innate Immunity, Cancer, Cell Biology, Infectious Disease
• Directly measure 2’3′-cGAMP as an indicator of cGAS activity
• Rapid assay; get results in 3 hours
• Includes active cGAS enzyme, necessary substrates, and all the assay components needed to run the ELISA
• cGAS inhibitor CU-76 is also included as a positive control

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New Resources for Lipid Researchers

Cayman has released a Lipid Resource Center that acts as a digital hub where you can discover lipid products, services, literature, tools, and information relevant to your research.

Lipid Standards

Extensive line of lipid products such as high-purity fatty acyls, glycerolipids, glycerophospholipids, sphingolipids, sterol lipids, prenol lipids, polyketides, and saccharolipids.

Lipid Roles in Biology

Products and resources related to structural lipids, lipogenesis & storage, lipid transport, bioactive lipids, etc.

Lipids in Health & Disease

Information specifically targeted towards health and disease (e.g. dyslipidemias, cancer, COVID-19, ferroptosis, lipid storage diseases, skin barrier, drug discovery, etc)

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This assay platform is compatible with both adherent and suspended cells. The simple add-incubate-measure protocol requires only single-step reagent addition, which streamlines the time needed to complete the assay. TR-FRET assays have very low background fluorescence levels and high signal-to-background ratios.

• Homogeneous (no wash) TR-FRET assay method
• Rapid measurement of protein levels in cells
• Streamlined “add-incubate-measure” assay protocol
• Contains TR-FRET antibody pairs, buffers, and positive control lysate
• Stable assay readout
• Compatible with both adherent and suspension cells

STAT5 (Total) TR-FRET Assay Kit

For semi-quantitative detection of total STAT5 by TR-FRET. View product here.

EGFR (Phospho-Tyr1068) TR-FRET Assay Kit

For semi-quantitative detection of EGFR (phospho-Tyr1068) by TR-FRET. View product here.


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