Product News: Glioma mAbs and 1,200 polyclonals

1,200 New Triple A Polyclonals

Atlas Antibody is happy to announce the release of 1,200 new Triple A Polyclonals™. Atlas Antibodies now offers over 22,000 highly validated primary antibodies for tissue and cell analysis.

Triple A Polyclonals are rabbit polyclonals developed within the Human Protein Atlas project and made available to the scientific community by Atlas Antibodies. The new products cover research areas such as cancer, cell biology, immunology, metabolism, neuroscience, transcriptional regulation and stem cells & developmental biology.

Their polyclonals are validated for use in IHC, ICC-IF and Western Blot and over 20,000 products are available in an affordable 25 µl sample size.
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New glioma products

Atlas Antibodies continuously expands their portfolio of cancer research related products. They now offer 100 PrecisA Monoclonals™ and over 1,350 Triple A Polyclonals™ for glioma research.

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