Origene All-In-One inducible system for your next experiment of a controlled gene expression

All-In-One Gene Expression System

Inducible expression vectors are an essential tool in research for controlled gene expression. However, there are two significant concerns about the Tet-on system :
1. Background expression in the off-state
2. Transfecting multiple plasmids

Solution: OriGene has created an upgraded system – it is a new and improved version of the original system designed to stimulate the expression of the gene of interest. It has a Tet-on 3G transactivation and a tightly regulated TRE promoter in one vector making it an All-In-One system. It makes your experiments more convenient and time-efficient. Learn more.

Why should you use the OriGene Tet-on system?

1. Convenient: Presence of the transactivator and the promoter in the same vector, eliminating the need for another plasmid.
2. Tight: Low background expression in off-state.
3. Tunable: High doxycycline sensitivity due to modified 3G transactivator.

Watch this video to learn more about their inducible system:

The Tet-On System

Features of Origene Tet-on system:

1) High doxycycline sensitivity due to proprietary rTA cassette
2) High level of induction
3) Low background expression
4) Tight regulation of target gene expression

The Tet-On system uses tetracycline and it’s derivatives to allow promoter activation. In this system, a tetR mutant was created by random mutagenesis. Several amino acids necessary for tetracycline-dependent repression have been mutated to reverse the phenotype of tetR, and create dependence on the presence of tetracycline for induction of gene expression, rather than repression. The ability to turn on gene on or off and to modulate its expression has significantly impacted gene therapy approaches, its function in diverse settings makes it an important tool for basic biological expression.



OriGene’s Tet-On System

OriGene All-in-one Tet-On system is a new and improved version of the original Tet-ON systems designed to significantly stimulate expression of the downstream gene of interest (GOI). It has a Tet-On 3G trans activator and a highly regulated TRE promoter (PTRE3G) in one vector The Tet-ON 3G trans activator consists of a modified bacterial Tet repressor (TetR) fused to three minimal VP16 activation domains to create a transcriptional activator protein. Their Tet-On 3G trans activator contains mutations that significantly  increase its sensitivity to Doxycyline (Dox). The tightly regulated PTRE3G promoter consists of conventional TRE sequence fused upstream of the minimal CMV promoter.

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