Oligo-Conjugated Streptavidin for Proteogenomics

Having a hard time finding an oligo-conjugated antibody for a unique marker? For a cost-effective alternative to custom conjugations, we have a large suite of TotalSeq™ reagents from BioLegend to include oligo-conjugated PE streptavidin compatible with any biotinylated antibody.

We offer their oligo-conjugated streptavidin reagents in both TotalSeq™-A format (compatible with any single-cell platform using a Poly-A capture method) and TotalSeq™-C format (compatible with 10x Genomics Single Cell Immune Profiling (5’) with Feature Barcoding Technology).

Use the oligo-conjugated streptavidin to:

  • Drop-in or identify a new or interesting marker without the need for custom antibodies or performing the conjugation yourself.
  • Build oligo-barcoded Flex-T™ tetramers and sequence the T cell receptor using our TotalSeq-C™ reagents and 5’ sequencing methods.
  • Flow sort your cells before sequencing using the PE oligo-conjugated streptavidin without the need to stain with a second fluorophore-conjugated antibody.

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