Non-biased RNA purification for accurate analysis

news May 07 2014
  • For purification of high-quality small and large RNA directly from TRIzol®, TRI-Reagent®, or similar.
  • Bypasses phase separation and precipitation procedures.
  • Available in spin column, 96-well filtration plate, and magbead formats.

Before you plan your next RNA experiment, it’s important to consider that some RNA purification protocols may significantly affect the accuracy of your data. Conventional phase separation procedures using TRIzol® can bias small RNA recovery and confound downstream analysis, including RNA-Seq and miRNA profiling.

For the most accurate analysis use Direct-zol™ RNA purification kits from Zymo Research. Direct-zol™ RNA kits allow non-biased purification of RNA directly from TRIzol® and similar reagents without conventional phase separation. You will recover more small RNA with Direct-zol™ (right) while ensuring accurate results.

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The Direct-zol™ RNA MiniPrep recovered ~4-fold more miRNAs (<40 nt) than the conventional TRIzol® method. miRNAs purified from cells were quantified using the Bioanalyzer.

“The Direct-zol™ RNA MiniPrep showed the highest recovery from both cell culture and frozen post-mortem human brain tissue when compared to miRNeasy®, mirVana® and RNeasy® Plus.” -O. E., USC, Los Angeles, USA

Direct-zol™ is patent pending. TRIzol® is a registered trademark of Molecular Research Center, Inc. Bioanalyzer is a trademark of Agilent Technologies, Inc. RNAeasy® is a registered trademark of Qiagen GmbH. mirVANA® is a registered trademark of Ambion, Inc.