Next-Generation Sequencing

news April 08 2019

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized genomic research with its throughput, scalability and speed.
The applications of NGS in clinical diagnostics are rapidity expanding, particularly in the fields of oncology, microbiology or clinical genetics.

In order to be used successfully as a diagnostic tool, data generated by NGS must be reliable and accurate. One of the factors that significantly impacts the quality of NGS data is an optimized and reproducible cluster density obtained on the flow cell during sequencing. If the cluster density is too high or too low this can affect the sequencing yield or quality of the data.

Because quantification is such a critical step, Meridian has developed a qPCR-based assay for the exclusive quantification, adapter-ligated, molecules providing accurate quantification of Illumina NGS libraries. The NGS Library Quantification Kit contains pre-diluted standards to minimize pipetting errors, a P5/P7 Illumina specific primer mix and an optimized buffer for dilution of NGS library.

Product Details

  • Suitable for Illumina based NGS libraries
  • Accurate results in as little as 90 minutes
  • Contains a series of six pre-diluted DNA standards for rapid, simple standard curve development
  • Sufficient reagents and standards to quantify a maximum of 76 libraries (18 sets of standards can be used for 62 libraries on six 96-well plates or 76 libraries on two 384-well plates)